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Andee The Aquanaut


Andee is a young boy who lives on an island with his parents who are marine biologists. One day a great and frightening storm carries his parents out to sea in their dinghy. Searching for them along the shore, Andee is caught by a freak wave. Under the water he is saved by two dolphins he’d previously befriended, Tingo and Tango. He is carried to safety, an underwater home, where the dolphins become his new family.

Here he discovers he is the chosen one, a legendary aquanaut with the purpose of saving the oceans and battling the evil queen Zadora who seeks to over-run the Water Spirit kingdom and the Lost City. He is given a super-suit that allows him to become the heroic warrior he is under water; one of the Legendary Aquanauts of the Lost City.

The Legendary Aquanauts were once warriors and protectors of the Lost City, an underwater paradise that was guarded for its resources. It was ruled by a compassionate merking (mermaid king). When the king lost his wife and became ill he remarried a mermaid named Zadora, unfortunately unaware of her evil intent. One weakness that the mermaids and men of the Marine Kingdom had was their lust for gold, a lust so strong it could turn the merpeople against one another.

Zadora lived and breathed only to have it all for herself once she became queen. The Lost City is filled with gold, among other treasures, as well as cures for life-threatening illnesses. So, to protect his people from lust and greed, the king told them they would not be allowed to return, that they would be safe in the Water Spirit Kingdom, no longer tempted by the gold. The Lost City was then protected by the aquanauts who, over time, disappeared.

But, with Queen Zadora gaining more power as the king fell more ill, Andee was called to protect the Lost City from her malicious plan to overthrow the entire kingdom.

Andee has a strong sense of purpose and responsibility, and believes that his quests will also bring him closer to finding his parents.

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The Menosaurus Series

The year is 3017. Before Aero-cars or space-rockets, humans or dinosaurs; before our planet was home to any form of breathing organism, a race more powerful than you can imagine watched over from a planet known as Prehistoria.  The Menosaurs, as they are known, first discovered Planet Earth which they called Mordex. To them it was the richest planet beyond their solar system, beyond their galaxy. Why? Earth was the greatest known source of an invaluable rock named Grandidierite, known to them as Astronomite.

Half-dinosaur half-human themselves, the Menosaurs took planet Earth as their own. Here, over two-hundred-and-thirty-million years ago, they created dinosaurs in their own image, used the Earth as their harvest grounds, wanting to evolve symbiotically with their surroundings.

But they weren’t the only race among the undiscovered solar-systems that wanted ownership of our planet. The Mantoids, sworn enemy to the Menosaurs, had their beady eyes on the same prize.

Not long after the Menosaurs succeeded in making Earth flourish as their own, the Mantoid rained down a catastrophic asteroid that obliterated the newly-developed planet. You may remember this as the great asteroid before the first ice-age. Mordex, our Earth, was destroyed forever… or so the Mantoid wanted the Menosaurs to believe.  With their hoax in place, the Mantoid plot to return to Earth and harvest the Grandidierite for themselves, which would ultimately make them the most powerful race among all galaxies.

However, when a newborn Menosaur on course for delivery to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tyrann, fails to arrive on Prehistoria on schedule in his designated asteroid-egg, the Menosaurs find themselves facing an unbelievable truth; the Earth did survive the Mantoid attack that they claimed had demolished everything that once lived.  Tarock, Tyrann’s son, lands on Earth sending a signal back to Prehistoria and his father, Tyrann. Tarock’s arrival via asteroid instantly has the U.S. Marine Corps on red-alert. Their orders; to seek and destroy this alien invasion, despite the highly-acclaimed Astro-researcher, Alex, denouncing their so-called right to obliterate such valuable findings.

Fortunately, Rex, a technologically-adapted fourteen-year-old boy, half-tech half-human, and his rather paranoid furry yeti-droid care-taker, Rion, find Tarock the Menosaur first after his asteroid takes the roof off their farmhouse in Upstate New York before plunging into the forest that is their backyard. Realising his awe-inspiring uniqueness and desperate circumstances, they’re not about to have their new friend annihilated by trigger-happy nuke-blasting soldiers with no care for life.  For Rex, though, things don’t look too good. The tech side of his body that replaced broken human parts after a near-fatal accident as a child are failing. His only desire at this time, however, is to ensure the safety of their new visitor and friend, Tarock.

Back on Prehistoria, king Triceria is told of the Mantoid’s doings; that they purposefully set Tarock’s asteroid-egg on course to Earth to probe the Earth’s atmosphere and see how the humans would react. Tyrann volunteers to journey to Mordex, our Earth, to save his son, but the king’s men, Lord Gorgo and Terra, have other plans. Little does the king know, one of them sides with the Mantoid.

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